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February 12, 2018


Congratulations to this week's Educator of the Week, Mr. Thomas Vartuli, Physics Teacher at the Hudson Falls High School. Not only is Mr. Vartuli an exceptional Physics teacher, but he also coaches J-V Basketball and instituted the Science Research class for Hudson Falls. He offers much of his free time before, during and after school for his students to receive extra help. Often he continues to work from home finding helpful articles related to his students research. In addition to his academic contributions at Hudson Falls High School, Mr. Vartuli has a wonderful sense of humor that helps to make his classroom a fun learning environment.

Again, Congratulations to this weeks Educator of the Week, Mr. Thomas Vartuli, Physics Teacher at the Hudson Falls High School!


Past Teacher of the Week Winners


February 5th - Mr. PJ Motsiff, Kensington Road Elementary

Mr. Motsiff comes up with so many great ideas and fun projects for his students. His teaching style is so good that the kids don't even realize how quickly their skills are progressing. Mr. Motsiff is the perfect teacher to have at the start of a child's educational experience.

January 29th - Mrs. Katie Bardin, Corinth Middle School

Mrs. Bardin has a passion for teaching English and it shows in her class every day. She is willing to do whatever is necessary to engage her students, from helping them structuring a sentence to appreciating poetry. Mrs. Bardin goes above and beyond to help students not only feel successful, but be successful.

January 22nd - Mrs. Cindy Benson, Fort Edward Central Schools

Mrs. Benson has been working at the school in the cafeteria for over 30 years, and she has been a positive influence on a generation of students. She is kind, compassionate, caring and through the great work that she does, is an inspiration to both students and co-workers at Fort Edward Central Schools. Again Congratulations to Mrs. Cindy Benson from the Cafeteria staff in Fort Edward!

January 15h - Mrs. Barbie Eichorst, Hadley-Luzerne High School

Mrs. Eichorst's care for her students doesn't stop at the end of the school day... she is incredibly involved in providing students with the very best care possible and goes above and beyond to include parents in what is going on with their child at school. She facilitates additional help for her students when needed and is a true asset to the Hadley-Luzerne school community. Thanks to Mrs. Barbie Eichorst for all she does!

January 8th - Mr. Jerry Hicks, Queensbury Middle School

It is Mr. Hicks sense of humor that makes him a great teacher. Middle school Math can be a big jump for a lot of students, he always encourages his students to do their best and is always there to share a laugh or a funny joke. Mr. Hicks rapport and interaction with his students is excellent and that helps bring out the best in them.

January 1st - Ms. Rebecca Harke, Hartford Central Schools

Ms. Harke is great at encouraging her students to do their best and communicating with parents and families. She takes the time to attend her students outside activities such as dance recitals, sporting events, plays and she chaperons many of the extra curricular events at Hartford Central Schools. Ms. Harke encourages academic and personal moral growth with her students and the entire school community is proud that she is this weeks Teacher of the Week.

December 25th - Mr. Michael Therio, North Warren Central Schools

Recently a family had to unexpectedly move to the Chestertown area from another state. Mr. Therio was instrumental in helping the students in that family settle into their new school with extra attention, emotional support and guidance. He helped to make sure their transition went as smoothly as possible. Special thanks to Mr. Therio for all his help in welcoming a new family into the school community!

December 18th - Mrs. Brenda Lee Saunders, Greenwich Junior-Senior High School

Not only does Mrs. Saunders juggle a variety of classes including Business Law and SUNY Adirondack Business Class... she also is the advisor to the Greenwich High School Mock Trial Team and runs the school's internship program. She is a dedicated, Humorous and compassionate teacher and is a role model for all of her students! Thanks to Mrs. Saunders for all that she does at Greenwich Junior-Senior High School!

December 11th - Mrs. Catherine Dutcher, Hudson Falls Middle School

Mrs. Dutcher is a great teacher for many reasons. She is always there to listen to her students problems and helps by providing useful answers. When her students have trouble with their work, she modifies the material so they more clearly understand it. At times she allows her students to listen to music while they work to help them focus and recently when her students worked hard in E-L-A class, she made them some tasty chocolate chip cookies. Thank you Mrs. Dutcher for being awesome!

December 4th - Ms. Elizabeth Thompson, The Prospect Center

Ms. Thompson specializes in educating children with Autism and she is a patient, caring teacher. For every advancement that her students make, she is just as thrilled for the kids as their parents are. She really knows all the special techniques of teaching children with Autism and students in her class grow by leaps and bounds in a short period of time.

November 27th - Mrs. Jamie Morency, Argyle Junior-Senior High School

Mrs. Morency is a very caring person with a great sense of humor. While doing an outstanding job teaching Math, She also throws her students a curve-ball once in a while to keep them on their toes. Students know that they can go to Mrs. Morency and ask her anything, and she's always willing to help. Her students thank Mrs. Morency for being the best Math Teacher!

November 20th - Mrs. Michelle Pitaniello, Milton Terrace Elementary School

Mrs. Pitaniello personally works with each of her students on an above and beyond level. She does a great job of emailing the parents with updates on their child. Her students love to go to school because of how fun, yet productive she makes learning.

November 13th - Ms. Julie Northshield, Salem Junior-Senior High School

Ms. Northshield is a very caring teacher and works hard to help her students be successful each year. Students at Salem Central Schools know she is the kind of teacher that has a good heart and loves her job. Ms. Northshield wants the best for each of her students and her hard work is appreciated.

November 3rd - Mrs. Karen Mars, Glens Falls High School

Mrs. Mars is always accessible to her students to help them get their grades up and be successful with their work. She is always helping her students with anything, from problems in school or just the simple things. Many of her students at Glens Falls High School think Mrs. Mars is very deserving of the Teacher of the Week Award!

October 30th - Ms. Guiliana Cianfarani, Greenwich Elementary School

Ms. Cianfarani is a superwoman at Greenwich Elementary, from getting a service dog in the school, to being the kindness club advisor, she exceeds! She is academically inspiring to all her students and at the forefront of changes and innovation in the classroom. Both her students and their parents find her truly amazing! Thanks to Ms. Guiliana Cianfarani for all she does!

October 23rd - Mrs. Sara Andrew, Cambridge Junior-Senior High School

Mrs. Andrew does a great job of explaining her lessons so her students understand the material. She is also a soccer coach at Cambridge and is an inspiration both in the classroom and on the field. When correcting her students work, Mrs. Andrew can clearly communicate what was done wrong in order for them to improve their grade moving forward. Thanks to Mrs. Sara Andrew from the Cambridge Junior-Senior High School!

October 16th - Mr. Terry Brennan, Schuylerville Middle School

Mr. Brennan has a dynamic and fun loving personality which students naturally gravitate to. He has a tremendous rapport with students and always puts the needs of his student's first. Mr. Brennan often meets with his students during his free time and after school to provide extra assistance. Thank you for all you do Mr. Terry Brennan

October 9th - Mrs. Jamie Seesleman, Warrensburg Junior-Senior High School

Mrs. Seeselman not only teaches Biology, but she has been the AP Biology teacher in Warrensburg for over 16 years. She is a great motivator and knows how to get the best out of each student. Mrs. Sesselman's teaching methods have proven to be highly effective as shown in her students AP Biology test scores over the years. She loves her job and her students are excited that Mrs. Sessleman is our Teacher of the Week.

October 2nd - Mr. Nelson Chase, Fort Edward High School

Mr. Chase does all that he can for every student he encounters. He does a great job keeping his students interested in learning Math and shows them how they can apply Math in everyday life. Mr. Chase also coaches the Fort Edward Bowling team and his students feel that they are luck to have him at their school.

September 25th - Mrs. Joni Braun, Mechanicville Elementary School

Despite all the new challenges to teaching, Mrs. Braun finds a way to go above and beyond for her students. She goes out of her way to get to know each of her students and then gives them assignments that will bring out the best efforts from them. To instill a love learning is one of the reasons that Mrs. Joni Braun is our Teacher of the Week!

September 18th - Mrs. Kimberly Foster - Ballard Road Elementary

Mrs. Foster makes sure each student is able to focus and learn. She provides tall desks in her classroom for students who work better standing up. Mrs. Foster really helps her students to like school so that they learn so much more during their lessons. It takes a big heart to shape little minds and Mrs. Foster is a very deserving Teacher of the Week!




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