"Teachers of the Week"

June 2, 2014


Congratulations to this week's Educator of the Week, Mr. James Wheaton, who teaches Global, Economics and Government at the Argyle Central Schools. Mr. Wheaton stays after school with his students to help them comprehend a lesson they might not understand. He also directs a regents prep course twice a week, recently chaperoned the Junior Prom and attends many of the Varsity and JV sporting events. Mr. Wheaton supports his students in all of their endeavors. 

Again, Congratulations to this weeks Educator of the Week, Mr. James Wheaton, Global Teacher at the Argyle Central Schools.


Past Teacher of the Week Winners


Mrs. Sally Vartuli
Queensbury High School
May 26th Teacher of the Week

Mrs. Vartuli works to make sure all of her students are prepared for using technology skills in everyday life. Most students know her will because she is involved in many school activities. Mrs. Vartuli is the club advisor for the media productions club and has coached girls lacrosse for the middle school in past years.
Mrs. Donna Scott
Kensington Road Elementary School
May 19th Teacher of the Week

Mrs. Scott is supporting and loving to her students and wants them to feel successful in everything they do. She is warm and welcoming and starts every day with her students with a hug and a high five! The parents of her students appreciate all Mrs. Scott's extra efforts in the classroom and the encouragement she gives them everyday.
Mr. Robert Amberger
Glens Falls High School
May 12th Teacher of the Week

Mr. Amberger provides the platform for his students to go above and beyond in life.  His teaching also enables students to be problem solvers, not only in his class, but in all their classes.  Mr. Amberger's students think of him as a professional, consistent, devoted and exceptional educator.
Mrs. Mary Laedlein
Cambridge Central School
May 5th Teacher of the Week

Mrs. Laedlein not only provides an excellent education for all of her students, she also works to build a personal relationship with each one. She helps shy students feel more confident and encourages them to participate in their classroom discussions and projects.
Mr. Fran Dougherty
Glens Falls Middle School
April 28th Teacher of the Week

Mr. Dougherty does a great job helping his students understand exactly what they need to do, to complete the projects they are working on. He makes sure that his students are having fun while working on their projects, but safety is his main focus while they are working in shop class.
Mrs. Anita Turck
Queensbury Elementary School
April 14th Teacher of the Week

Mrs. Turck works hard to teach her students a love for books and reading. They read books together and do projects to encourage reading and creativity at home. Her enthusiasm for reading is infectious. Mrs. Turck knows the names of every student she works with, and parents appreciate all of her extra efforts helping their child to love reading.
Mrs. Susan Burch
Hartford Central School
April 7th Teacher of the Week

In addition to being a great teacher, Mrs. Burch helps to raise money for the class trip by organizing a pig roast. She's known for helping her students with their school work and projects and spends extra time to make sure they all get their work done on time.
Mrs. Mary Gregorio
SMSA Regional Catholic School
March 31st Teacher of the Week

Mrs. Gregorio not only cares for her student's academic successes, she also helps to model and influence positive character development.  She has led several activities throughout the year including student participation with the SMSA Craft Fair, Pennies for Peace, collecting items for our troops stationed abroad, baskets for the food pantry and much more. Mrs. Gregorio helps make learning fun by creating science demonstrations that go beyond what is learned in any book and parents appreciate all of her efforts.
Ms. Johnna Macdonald
Warren County Head Start
March 24th Teacher of the Week

Ms. Macdonald not only helps her students to excel academically, but socially and emotionally as well.  She applies for special grants to obtain the latest technology which enhances her teaching in the classroom. Ms. Macdonald offers helpful educational suggestions to parents who want to continue the learning at home. She is an amazing individual who always puts the child and their family above herself.
Mrs. Shannon Peacock
Stillwater Elementary School
March 17th Teacher of the Week

 Mrs. Peacock has been staying after school this year to help her students with the New York State Common Core Testing and she is always working on new and creative ways to help keep them interested in their school work.  She went through the process to secure a grant to pay for special tables and exercise balls for all the kids to sit on.  Mrs. Peacock is always looking out for the best interest for each child and how best to keep them learning.
Mrs. Mindy Stockman
Fort Ann Central School
March 10th Teacher of the Week

 Mrs. Stockman is excellent at encouraging her students to write interesting stories. She often tells the class her own funny stories about her dog names Fenway. Mrs. Stockman has meeting time, where her students discuss how to solve problems and make their classroom better. If you do a good deed or try hard to do good work...students get a chance card for the prize box.
Mr. Matt Depew
Argyle Central Schools
March 3rd Teacher of the Week

Mr. Depew takes extra with every single student to help them succeed at school.  He's especially helpful with reading and math.  Mr. Depew also does an excellent job communicating with parents and updating them on their child's progress. His students love going to school because of his extra efforts and are getting so much more out of school in Mr. Depew's classroom.
Mrs. Katie Canale
Lake George Junior-Senior High School
February 24th Teacher of the Week

Mrs. Canale is an outstanding Social Studies teacher and has a real passion for teaching American History.  She is always willing to help her students after school with their homework.  Mrs. Canale does a great job helping her students with the transition from elementary school to junior high school and their annual field trip to Fort William Henry is always a highlight of the school year.
Mr. Jeff Dibble
North Warren Central School
February 17th Teacher of the Week

Mr. Dibble is a new teacher at North Warren, but he is making a big impact on his students. Many of them are having their best year in science than they ever have thanks to Mr. Dibble's extra efforts. He always has time to spend with his students to help them with their science work.  Mr. Dibble puts his heart into everything he does and his students feel his is very deserving of this weeks Teacher of the Week.
Mrs. Melody Byrnes
Queensbury Middle School
February 10th Teacher of the Week

Mrs. Byrnes takes a special interest in every student she teaches.  She's known not only to help students individually with their science, but with other subjects as well.  Mrs. Byrnes loves her students and wants them to be successful with their education. After 25 plus years of teaching, Mrs. Byrnes will be retiring after this year and her students and parents think she is deserving to be Teacher of the Week.
Mr. Geoffrey Bizan
Lake George Elementary School
February 3rd Teacher of the Week

Mr. Bizan's students think he is a great teacher and he always comes into school with a great attitude. He tells his students stories that are often funny and relates to the subject the yare learning.  Mr. Bizan not only teaches each subject thoroughly, but he goes beyond to teach his students extra things about that specific subject.
Mr. David Moynihan
Glens Falls Middle School
January 27th Teacher of the Week

Mr. Moynihan is loved by his students, and the parents appreciate all his extra efforts.  Mr. Moynihan sends home detailed e-mails and letters to parents to inform them how they new common core standards are affecting the way the students are learning.  He also sends along tips on how parents can help their kids through this transition. Both his students and parents are happy that he is being so helpful and keeping everyone informed.
Ms. Kathleen Herold
Glens Falls High School
January 20th Teacher of the Week

Ms. Herold is an outstanding teacher, but does much more than that.  She is an advisor for the "Friends of Rachel" Anti-Bullying club and this past September she helped to organize a student assembly regarding the club's efforts to stop bullying.  She provides tutoring to her students and many of them ask her to write their college recommendations.  After 30 plus years of teaching, Ms. Herold's students, both past and present, think she should win this award.
Mrs. Heather Battiste &
Ms. Laura Wolfe
Hudson Falls Intermediate School
January 13th Teachers of the Week

Mrs. Battiste and Ms. Wolfe work tirelessly on behalf of all their students and find creative ways to help each student reach their potential.  They use the strengths of each child to help them learn and grow and bring their bright smiles and kind hearts into the classroom every day.
Mr. Michael Shaver
Fort Edward High School
January 6th Teacher of the Week

Without the help of Mr. Shaver, many of his students would have struggled with Math.  He pushes everyone to do their best. Mr. Shaver is very patient and caring towards his students. He realizes that some Math concepts and work can be difficult and always goes the extra mile to help his students excel. Mr. Shaver often stays after school to help his students with their work.
Mrs. Kerri Bundy
Queensbury High School
December 30th Teacher of the Week

Mrs. Bundy's passion for teaching is inspiring to her students and every day she comes up with creative lessons to help her students develop into better readers and writers. Mrs. Bundy often stays after school to work with individual students on their essays. She does an incredible job preparing her students for college and finds out what her students are interested in, then incorporates that for a lesson activity.
Mrs. Lisa DeLisle
South Glens Falls High School
December 23rd Teacher of the Week

Mrs. DeLisle is always there for her students. She goes above and beyond for her students to provide a comforting and caring environment. Recently Mrs. DeLisle cooked a big Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner for her students and invited them to take leftovers home for their families.  Students know they can depend on her at any time for help with their school work.
Mr. Eric Welch
North Warren High School
December 16th Teacher of the Week

 Mr. Welch constantly is staying after school for the purpose of helping his students.  He has served as faculty advisor for the student council, the yearbook committee and the academic bowl.  Mr. Welch's students really appreciate all of his extra efforts and feel he is really deserving of the Teacher of the Week award.
Mrs. Sandi Lemery
Hadley-Luzerne Middle School
December 9th Teacher of the Week

 Mrs. Lemery often stays after school to help students with the lessons they are struggling with. Mrs. Lemery is passionate about the children and is invested in their success.  Parents appreciate her extra efforts to help their children with their school work and she has made a positive impact with her students.
Mrs. Brenda Saunders
Greenwich High School
December 2nd Teacher of the Week

Mrs. Saunders does an internship program, where she places students in local internships so they can learn more about the careers they are interested in. In addition to helping her students with their class work, she also prepares them with life and work skills that they can use when they leave high school. Mrs. Saunders always goes above and beyond to help her students and everyone appreciates her extra efforts.
Mrs. Karen Petramale
Queensbury High School
November 25th Teacher of the Week

Mrs. Petramale is an exceptional teacher that always puts in so much work to see her students succeed. She always stays after school when students need help and finds a way to make Math fun. It is because of her efforts, that most of her students are able to improve their regents scores.
Ms. Kristen Abrams
Harrison Avenue Elementary School
November 18th Teacher of the Week

Ms. Abrams loves to teach and show that in every way she helps her students.  She helps her students grow their self confidence and encourages them to become self starters when it comes to learning.  Ms. Abrams comes to all the Harrison Avenue School events and parents appreciate that she returns all calls, emails and messages promptly.
Mr. Craig Scott
Oliver W. Winch Middle School
November 11th Teacher of the Week

Mr. Scott is famous for hand out raffle tickets to his students who get a ninety or higher on their Friday quiz.  He helps his students with their lessons by doing sports related games like vocab football.  Mr. Scott puts a lot of effort in helping his students learn and they appreciate his help.
Mrs. Julie Duggan
Cambridge Junior-Senior High School
November 4th Teacher of the Week

Mrs. Duggan is an amazing teacher who is kind and generous and always willing to help when students need it.  She finds the good in everyone of her students and teaches with a tremendous amount of patience.  Mrs. Duggan is an excellent teacher and her students feel she deserves to be recognized.
Miss Amy Fazio
William H. Barton Intermediate School
October 28th Teacher of the Week

Miss Fazio has fun and exciting ways of getting her students to work hard and learn new things every day.  She is open and available to meet with parents and students any time someone needs her.  Miss Fazio brings a lot of energy to the classrooms and her students appreciate all of her extra efforts.
Mrs. Katie Sylvia
Harrison Avenue Elementary School
October 21st Teacher of the Week

 Mrs. Sylvia like to challenge her students to do their best, while making each student feel supported and successful. She does a fantastic job communicating with the parents of her students, so they can be a team in their child's education.  Mrs. Sylvia loves teaching and her students love to be in her class.
Ms. Katelyn Bus
Queensbury Middle School
October 14th Teacher of the Week

Ms. Bus is dedicated to her students and does a great job in teaching her material. She teaches with a lot of energy and enthusiasm. Ms. Bus is fun, kind and is appreciated by her students and their parents.
Mr. Michael Rajter
Granville Junior-Senior High
October 7th Teacher of the Week

Mr. Rajter always makes his class fun while teaching his lessons every day.  His students love him because he's a very down-to-earth and funny.  Mr. Rajter makes himself relatable to his students, and they feel like they can go to him about anything at any time.  His personality helps him to be an outstanding teacher.
Mrs. Pamela Granger
Glens Falls High School
September 30th Teacher of the Week

Mrs. Granger stays late every day to help students work on Music and she did a phenomenal job directing last year's musical, The Sound of Music.  She cares about each one of her students and will jump through hoops to help them.  Her students appreciate her devotion to teaching and wanted to thank Mrs. Granger for all her efforts.
Mr. Jim Dunbar
Corinth High School
September 23rd Teacher of the Week

Mr. Dunbar teaches Government and Economics for Seniors, but also teaches a Honors Class of Global History.  He is very knowledgeable on the classes that he teaches, and his students appreciate the way he explains the subject matter during class.  Mr. Dunbar has a special way to work with all of his students and brings out the best in them.
Ms. Anna Courtney
Salem Central Schools
September 16th Teacher of the Week

Ms. Courtney keeps her students engaged by having a variety of approaches to her teaching.  She does an outstanding job of explaining the many books that her students are required to read, including acting out a line or using props.  She is always available to help individual students with their class work, chaperones many school events and last year the Senior Class dedicated the yearbook to her.

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